As simple as that…


Just a thought

Have you ever thought about how much time you invest in other people’s thoughts compared to your own? We are so good at analysing, discussing and even worrying about what other people think that maybe sometimes we forget to take… Continue Reading →

Friday night wisdom


Are you keeping your gifts wrapped?

Knowing our weaknesses is a gift. Not doing anything about them is like keeping your gift wrapped, never to be used. Weaknesses are things we seldom want to acknowledge. We want to talk about our strengths and achievements. Those of us who are… Continue Reading →

New year’s resolutions. Don’t say it – just do it!

As we leave the Christmas festivities behind us it is now time to look forward to enjoying the very last of this year and looking forward to the new one. With the new year comes new opportunities, new hopes, goals… Continue Reading →

5 Signs It’s Time to Change Job

Early morning, heavy steps through the office corridor towards the chair you sit in for about 40 hours every week. But it is all alright, it will be Friday soon! And the countdown has begun. Most of us can probably… Continue Reading →

Challenge excepted: Squats & Plank

Yes, beach 2013 is soon here and I have become a victim of all these fitness challenges that have been circulating through Social Media. I have officially started my Squat and Plank challenge. Why stop at just one, right? The… Continue Reading →

One like for change

Have you ever thought about why we share the things we share through Social Media? Do you ever put a thought on why you actually “like” a post on Facebook? Have you ever considered that one like could be the… Continue Reading →

Chime for Change

We at the Upwalk chime to inspire every girl to know that they can become anything they dream of becoming, through education, health and justice. Change starts now. Check out Chime for Change and hear what Beyoncé, John Legend, Salma Hayek and many… Continue Reading →

Do you leave your future for tomorrow?

  I was suppose to do that, oh well, I’ll do that tomorrow. We’ve all said that once or twice. But let that be the last time and do something for your future today. We all have dreams to fulfill,… Continue Reading →

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